Tuesday, April 14, 2015

1-2-3 at The PORCH & Atelier

What's happening during the up and coming April 16-17-18?

#1  Shop our Atelier level----for the very first time, we're OPEN in Buffalo during JUNK BONANZA!  Thu-Fri-Sat 10-5.  We won't miss you when you stop by!  

#2  Shop with us at JUNK BONANZA!  Click the link for more info about everything there is to see and do!  Booth 250 - in the same building, but we've moved to a new space by the loading doors.  Find us on the map

So, we'll be seeing you in one place or the other!  

We've had a marvelous week so far!  Susie Eaton Hopper (left) and Fifi O'neill were here Monday for a shop & third floor apartment shoot.  Can't wait to show you a few more details and let you know more.  MERCI Fifi et Susie!

Monday, March 30, 2015

OPEN this week/April 2-3-4

How about a photo roll?  No particular order: photos are up/down (Atelier/Porch), see you soon!

SPRING! Our April 2-3-4 2015 Market

"I haven't seen anything as pretty as You since I don't know when said the big black rooster to the little white hen".  Spring 2006?
I love our shop postcards, each and every one.  
Every time I think 'this is my favorite'!, I come across another.  So, for this week, loving these details in greens: fresh fabric, vintage wallpaper, embossed font.

Friday, March 20, 2015

BONUS shopping day

 Come by Saturday March 21, and you'll find our lower PORCH level OPEN and waiting for you!  We're fresh with finds, and gorgeous plants.

 Yes, a bonus shopping day!  We're hosting our annual Springtime in PARIS (reservations are full), and we go all out for you.  Atelier is available for paint purchases, but due to the event, browsing the Atelier level will be limited and by chance.  

 Soon, we have news to share.....

 Stop for a moment, break the routine and live 'la belle vie'

 Merci, we hope to see you soon, Teresa