Friday, March 20, 2015

BONUS shopping day

 Come by Saturday March 21, and you'll find our lower PORCH level OPEN and waiting for you!  We're fresh with finds, and gorgeous plants.

 Yes, a bonus shopping day!  We're hosting our annual Springtime in PARIS (reservations are full), and we go all out for you.  Atelier is available for paint purchases, but due to the event, browsing the Atelier level will be limited and by chance.  

 Soon, we have news to share.....

 Stop for a moment, break the routine and live 'la belle vie'

 Merci, we hope to see you soon, Teresa

Monday, February 23, 2015

Springtime in PARIS 2015~

 We're bringing PARIS to YOU!
Would you 'adore' gorgeous fresh fleurs, a chef-prepared fresh menu, fun, laughter, prizes from PARIS, beauty, and then spending time in the third floor apartment in this great old building?

Join us!  Make your reservation to attend our grand annual event~

There we are - right in this beautiful pastoral setting, under the tour Eiffel

With our personal chef, Adam (a lot of you now know him for his expertise in beautiful found objects).

 Chef Adam, sous chef Alan (oui, 'the' Adam and 'the' Alan)
Menu, 2013 event
 Pretty special people make it a great time here~
Favorite event card - when it was held in April....
'designer de fleurs'

 Relax, enjoy all we have to offer
Win prizes, souvenirs....all from PARIS, of course~

Contact us to reserve: 763 684-1254.  $29/person, Saturday March 21, 2015, morning or afternoon seating.  Limited seating/no refunds. 
Hoping to see you in PARIS!  Merci, Teresa

Monday, February 16, 2015

Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine and The PORCH & Atelier

Third issue 2015 (aka March).  Available at the shop early March. 
 For a long time now, I've admired this magazine and the Jeanne d'Arc Living 'lifestyle'.  
Just the thought of it is beautiful, calming and interesting. 
I do want to show you a favorite JDL find that you can buy here - curtain clips!
I love vintage clips, and these reproductions are different from any I've seen.

We have other items in stock, not shown here yet, e.g. medals, transparent organza rolls, and other pretty touches.
Now you know how you'll find vintage lace scraps and lengths at The PORCH & Atelier, clipped~
For now, we receive (only) 10 copies of JDL each month.  As it's becoming known and populaire here, the February issue sold out by the 8th of this month.  We reserve copies via purchase in our online shop, and if we continue to sell out quickly, I'll happily get more issues to have on hand.  Merci~  Teresa

Monday, February 9, 2015

Buffalo and SPACES Twin Cities magazine

Photo by Jeanne Cummings.  Thanking you again, Jeanne!
It's February, but this was my go-to photo when SPACES asked for ad content.  It's a beautiful shot of this great old building - the plant baskets on the railing guide you up the sidewalk, inviting you in.  

How it looks this time of year

Thank you, SPACES!  Your third feature in Buffalo, and we appreciate it!  And, a big thank you to everyone who came out here upon seeing the great coverage.

Love this fun postcard of the Eiffel Tower - too perfect for a little creative addition - like dropping our building right into the pastoral setting.  

We think PARIS is a good idea all year - but especially now, as we plan for our SPRINGTIME in PARIS at The PORCH & Atelier.  'Vintage French Garden' - here, Saturday March 21, by reservation. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

February 5-6-7-8 2015 Market: Preview ONE

Welcome!  Up/down/and posted in no particular order, enjoy the photo roll-out~

Faux fern here and there, but wait until you see our fresh greenhouse plants in Preview TWO.

Thanks for being here, and watch for Preview TWO~  TERESA